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Adjustable Jack Prop

Adjustable jack props scaffolding in Hyderabad available. Renuka Enterprises Scaffolding is a manufacturer of all kinds of scaffolding props, providing the best scaffolding services in Hyderabad. Complete sizes and specifications are available for each type of scaffolding system, based on the customisation demanded.

Adjustable prop jacks always have a base plate on the bottom for connection to the building ground. Upper base plate can be a flat plate or U head, clevis or cross head. Scaffolding posts with slabs are the most commonly used scaffolding posts in concrete structures. There is a hole in the centre of the plate. The holes are for connecting U-heads, crossheads, clevises, etc. of separation scaffolds.

Depending on the load capacity of the adjustable prop jacks, you can find light, medium and heavy duty scaffolding supports at Renuka Enterprises Scaffolding.Lightweight scaffolding supports are made of thinner scaffolding structures. A low bearing is applied at 10-15KN. Required for normal buildings and thin slab concrete. Lightweight scaffolding posts are cheaper because they consume less steel. If a 10-15KN load on concrete is sufficient, choosing lightweight stanchions can significantly reduce construction costs compared to using heavy steel stanchions.

Medium and heavy duty column prop jacks are used in thick concrete formwork when forming slabs, beams, walls and columns. They are often required in industrial construction, commercial construction, and infrastructure construction such as bridges, highways, and plant construction.

Our scaffolding support designs are not only based on your load bearing requirements. However, it is also based on concrete slab and beam height requirements.Depending on the plate and floor height, the height of adjustable scaffolding jacks can reach up to 6 metres. A good scaffolding post load-bearing design is based on the results of the final load-bearing capacity of the scaffolding post.

Please let us know your load bearing details and requirements for slabs and concrete formwork. We design our adjustable scaffolding prop jacks according to the safety factor and requirements for safe loading (weight bearing) at any height. In surface treatments you can find painted, galvanised, pre-galvanized and hot dip galvanised supports for steel scaffolding.

Adjustable Jack prop is used in conjunction with adaptors and is capable of bearing the full loading capability of cuplock when braced fully. The universal jack provides a technique of jacking which is utilised at the top or bottom of a scaffold structure.

Renuka Enterprises Scaffolding relies on our extensive know-how and skills in the mechanical engineering industry to be one of the leading manufacturers of adjustable telescopic spans in Hyderabad. Our company specialises in manufacturing various telescopic spans. All adjustable telescopic spans are manufactured in accordance with regulatory standards and industry referenced parameters.

All of our adjustable telescopic spans are highly appreciated and available in large quantities in the domestic and international market due to their important characteristics such as portability, high precision, ease of handling and installation. To keep up with the latest developments, we have upgraded our inventory of adjustable telescopic spans using the highest quality raw materials.

Adjustable Jack Prop

Price: Rs.1150/piece

Minimum order quantity 10 no’s

Available: 2*2 meters
2*3 meters
2*4 meters
Adjustable: 7 feet-12 feet
10 feet-15 feet
15 feet-20 feet
For every 6 inches Holes to adjust
Material: Outer Prop-NB50 & 2.9 mm Thickness
Inner Prop-NB40 & 2.9 mm Thickness

Base plate: 150*150*8 mm

L-angle: 75*75*6 mm angle

U-head: 100*100*100*6 mm

Nut type: L & T nut, prop nut

Weight: 18 kgs

Color : Blue

3 meter inner prop

Price: Rs.680/piece

Minimum Order Quantity 10 no’s

Size:3 meter

Material: NB40 round pipe, 2.9 mm thickness

Head: 75*75*6 mm angle

Weight: 11 kgs

Color: Blue

Adjustable: Fixed